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Atletico Madrid striker: victory expected, good Ul
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Atletico Madrid striker: victory expected, good Ultimate Team atmosphere
Atletico Madrid in the league round 4: 0 victory over Sevilla, after the fifa 15 game the Ultimate Team striker Raul - Jimenez said he was not surprised by this, the Ultimate Team's performance has been before the victory sign. Join the Ultimate Team this summer came from the Americas, the Mexicans scored in the fifa 15 game ball at the child. ? Atletico from Cork opened the scoring, and then expand the Negus, Raul - Garcia into the penalty shootout, finally seal the victory by Jimenez. After the fifa 15 game, Atletico Madrid two points behind leaders Barcelona in the league. The fifa 15 game is also coach Diego Simeone's first fifa 15 game after the ban after he was suspended for eight fifa 15 games, ultimate team coins tletico greet the return of the Meritorious coach with a wonderful performance. Jimenez said in an interview the club's official website said: 'We have improved every fifa 15 game since the start of the season, we have a lot of progress today, leaving opponents recognize our real strength. Everyone made their own contribution to help the Ultimate Team towards the optimum goal. Fans always cheer for us, as we sing. 'Since I joined the Ultimate Team, we did not treat me as a newcomer to see. They let me into the Ultimate Team, as I have before, like in the array. I am very grateful that this is a close Ultimate Team unity. I was a forward step by step, so that they get the coach's attention, tell them I want to play the fifa 15 game and wait for their response. Whether training or competition, I will go all out. 'Jimenez's efforts have been noticed coach Diego Simeone, who predicted before the fifa 15 game that the striker will score. 'Raul - Jimenez will provide many means of attack, 'Simone said,' him into a ball, Gerry Postman also made a penalty when he passed the ball. We certainly need every FIFA 15 player, the more competitive FIFA 15 players, we will have more possibilities. 'Simone finally said:' When he was playing, I told him to watch Gerry Postman, this is my tactical layout. I'm pretty sure he'll score, proved I was right. '

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